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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 8, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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that is likely more cerebral, steady. she's very smart. she is very committed to improving public safety. >> reporter: rawlings-blake will keep the police commissioner and the fire chief, some of the key decisions she made in the transition to power at city hall. chief james clack spoke to me about his relationship with her. i talked to the fire policy. >> she certainly doesn't like rotating closures. that's clear. the issue, of course, is money. >> reporter: rawlings-blake faces a $120 million budget deficit that could grow. but she needs to balance the city's needs with public safety. >> she also responds well. >> fred bealefeld said the events of this week have not been a distraction to the rank and file. >> reporter: we've seen elections, we've seen transitions. this is certainly unprecedented. but the cops do their jobs expments we're focused on the
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-- and we're focused on the work. >> as mayor, you're much, much more intimate with the details of what is going on. >> reporter: rawlings-blake ordered status report from all department heads. signed contracts from the dixon administration. >> i'm very optimistic. and you know, i wouldn't be staying on if i thought otherwise. >> reporter: and those reports from city agencies were due in tonight by 5:00. now, rawlings-blake has also stressed -- stressed the importance of making sure the city schools are doing their job. and she's had several meetings with the city ceo, dr. andres alonzo. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> city councilmembers will vote for one of their own as president to take over for rawlings-blake when she is sworn in for mayor. we want to update the breaking news at the last hour. concerns about the explosive situation on the fort meade army base.
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this follows a fort meade student who made statements about a pipe bomb. as a precaution, police searched the boy's home, and set up a 500-meter perimeter around the the home as a precaution. despite the cold, this man was out in howard county, in columbia, clearings had sidewalk with a snow plow. wearing several layers is a must. in cockeysville, shoveling the sidewalk in the cold is even more challenging with the wind blowing snow back on areas you're shoveling. a live look outside right now shows what the temperature is like outside right now in a sense. are we done with snow? and how cold will it get this weekend? meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are updating your forecast. bob? >> we had official he 1.7 inches of snow. let's take a look at sat-rad. moved through very quickly. around 11:00. and moved across the region. by about 6:00, or 7:00, we saw
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sunshine. 9 degrees, the current temperature in oakland. we were at 25 degrees in baltimore. a cold night on tap. but even colder with the wind chills. tim williams in the outback with a look at the wind chills and current winds around the region. tim? >> well, i'll draw your attention to two different conditions. one in western maryland, oakland at 9. we have 14-mile-per-hour winds across the airports. 7-mile-per-hour winds in oakland. you factor that in and this is what it actually feels like on exposed skin. 18 degrees is what it feels like. and minus 2 out in oakland. you can pretty much deduct about 10 degrees while out here. and it's not going to feel any warmer on saturday. below 0 temperatures. in the single digits many hours. high pressure just driving that cold arctic air in our region. and the snow on the ground will stay there because there is no real warmup in site. bob will have your forecast coming up in just a few
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moments. wjz is always on. check in for first warning weather, for complete coverage. for instant updates and the forecast, log onto ravens battle the right patriots -- the patriots in new england. wjz is live with complete coverage. sports director mark viviano has more on the matchup. but we begin with jessica kartalija, live in glen burnie. rallies are being held across the region today. and she's at one right now. jessica? >> reporter: well, kede niece. no -- denise, no shortage of ravens fans here. we have been hitting the streets today to see where the fans are the most fired up. >> reporter: baltimore city, ready to rock. >> ravens. i swear to god, top. ray lewis.
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he's got it pumping. ray rice? >> at verizon wireless in harbor east. >> i'm so excited. the ravens made the play-offs. they deserve it. >> purple pride. play like a raven. here it is. you notice it. the b, football. take new england down. >> reporter: ready for the road trip to foxboro. >> this is the real thing this. is the real nfl raven. not as beefy as the ones that are traveling to new england. but this is the real nfl raven. he's a mascot for the team and he lives at the zoo. >> we're going to win. >> adrenaline is contagious. we feed off of the fans. fans feed off of us. so it's the community working together to pump the boys up so we can hopefully come home with a win this sunday. >> ravens, you can do it! >> reporter: next stop. all the cheerleaders made a stop to get everyone fired up.
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even the future cheerleadersful. >> go -- cheerleaders. >> go, ravens. >> what do you predict for the ravens? >> of course, the ravens. ray rice has to run the ball. and we're looking at 24 at a time. >> reporter: still time to snag new gear at sports legends museum. >> there's a lot of excitement approximate it. -- about it. the phone has been ringing off the hook. >> reporter: and of course the real party up in foxboro. but no doubt everybody will be celebrating here throughout the weekend. we are live in glen burnie. i'm jessica kartalija back to you on tv hill. jessica, thank you. and good luck. complete coverage continues with sports director mark viviano with more on this play- off showdown. >> reporter: the season does begin on sunday. but in their mind, they have been in play-off type games for weeks to get to this point. they got the clincher on the road a week ago. now, they embark on what they hope is a three-game road winning streak.
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that's what they need to reach the super bowl. >> reporter: back to work on the practice field. now preparing for the new season. the post season is a fresh start for the 12 teams that qualify. following a game plan that was laid out back in the summertime, january arrives with the play-offs payoff. >> it's not easy. as the years go by, you realize it's not easy. it's something to be proud of. it's an accomplishment. you're in the play-offs. but you want to make the most of the opportunity while you're there as well. >> you can erase everybody's stats. erase all of the rushing yards. 2,000 yards that i had to get to the play-offs to say, you know, we have to start all over again. >> start all over. but doing so with return to the patriots. a place where the ravens returned to the regular season game in october, where the ravens saw a close one slip away in the final minutes. but they say that's not on their mind at play-off time. >> it's not upsetting anymore. it's a new year. you don't worry about that. you go play football.
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>> i'm preparing my team to try to go win in new england. you don't say, what if they do this, what if they do that? i know they're not thinking about it. why should i be thinking about it? >> what they might be thinking about, tom brady and randy moss. and a upon game -- a game that hasn't lost all season. patriots may be favored. but the ravens are not embracing the role of underdog. >> if you are in the playoffs, you deserve to be in the play- offs. there's no underdog. obviously, they're probably favored because they're at home. but we played in team early in the season. and you know, i don't think they're looking at us as being an underdog. >> well, there are some injury questions, concerning both the ravens and the patriots. i'll have an update on both teams. we'll hear from coach john harbaugh, a little later in sports. >> don't miss all of the excitement this sunday, when new ravens take on the patriots.
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new reports. the prosecutors are moving forward with the case against michael jackson's doctor in the singer's death. mary is live in the newsroom with the latest on this case. >> reporter: according to the associated press, prosecutors are seeking to get an indictment on involuntary manslaughter charges. their report indicated that murray would be prosecuted on a series of gross negligence. and that it was an extreme departmenture. jackson died last year from acute propifol intoxation can. that drug is -- intoxication. that drug is supposed to be administered in a hospital environment. >> the case must be presented to a grand jury before a formal indictment is made. well, vice president joe biden's mother has died at the age of 92. this is file video of her during the campaign. the vice president left washington to be by her side earlier this week when she
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became ill. in a statement, jean finnegan biden died this morning, surrounded by family and loved ones. the man accused of trying to blow up a plane on christmas day makes his first appearance in court. drew levinson reports for wjz. the entire hearing lasted only four minutes. >> reporter: suspected terrorist umar farouq abdulmutallab said little at his arraignment. the young nigerian, accused of trying to blow up a plane answered yes in english, when the judge asked, if he understood the charges against him. the judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. a group of nigerians who know the 20-year-old were inside the courtroom for the proceeding. they claim umar farouq abdulmutallab sneaked an explosive on board a flight. a grand jury indicted him on six charges, including one that carries a life sentence. attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction.
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>> the president's counter terrorism adviser said abdulmutallab would be offered a plea deal. legal experts say he will be wise to take it. the >> the fact that there is more evidence than you would normally see in any criminal case, the chances of the defense prevailing in this case are zero. >> reporter: president obama called for security improvements following the failed attack and admitted intelligence missteps, including, not prioritizing a warning from abdulmutallab's father. outside the courthouse, members of the local muslim community tried to get the word out. they are against terrorism. >> american muslims and muslims throughout the world are on the side of america and on the side of the world. we're not going to allow terrorism or terrorists to hijack our religion. >> reporter: abdulmutallab was moved under heavy security, back to the prison, where he will remain until his next court date.
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true levinson, cbs news, detroit. the top obama administration official says the suspect could be offer said a plea deal, in exchange for valuable information about his contacts in yemen and elsewhere. still to come tonight on we'll's eyewitness news. cold combat. you know fruit helps keep you from getting sick. but some other unusual foods may do even more. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, breathing new life into old history. that story as eyewitness news continues. i'm suzanne collins in annapolis, when a man refuses to stop texting in the courtroom. it leads to a scuffle, broken bones and consideration of a new cell phone policy. that's coming up next. very cold night ahead. stick around for the forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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texting and refusing to stop leads to multiple bones. an incident is leading to an annual review of the cell phone policy. >> watch that cell phone. make sure you turn it off. >> reporter: deputies warn people at the anne arundel county circuit court, beware, no phones on inside the courtroom. damanty jones, 18, who shea say wouldn't stop texting wrestied with one officer who is recovering from a broken leg. >> i initially made the order to stop texting, put the phone
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away. >> reporter: did he respond? >> just looking up and going back and pushing more buttons. , deputy schwab and his brother ended up on the floor, with the victim. >> he got his leg broke in two different places. and it should not have happened. this guy should have listened to deputy brian schwab. >> reporter: jones is charged with five criminal counts and had to post $100,000 bail. the incident is leading the court to consider tougher cell phone rules. >> reporter: the court is doing a survey for tougher policies all around maryland. and the policy here that allows cell phones except in court, where they must be turned off, will be reviewed. >> reporter: but the sheriff says he does not expect any drastic measures like a ban. >> there's lawyers that need their phone, press that need their phones. law enforcement need their phones. so many variables involved. i'm talking to the judges as early as today.
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>> even when the court requires a phone without a camera, they're hard to buy. >> i might call for legal document research to be subject to me on my -- sent to me on my phone, which i can read. >> the court is concerned cell phone cameras will be used to photograph witnesses and that sequestered witnesses will be sent texts about court proceedings. good news, if you are a maryland hunter, the state is adding two days for white- tailed deer. you can hunt today and tomorrow in every county except algainy and garrett. state wildlife officials are encouraging hunting for antlerless deer, which are mostly female. for more than a decade, maryland has been doing this. the governor now wants to up the ante. >> roll through a bit of
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maryland's past. empty now, after 140 years. but the union mill in woodbury is still standing. and an opportunity for those -- >> that can recognize history. and recognize that it is not dead and gone. these buildings have life left in them. >> reporter: in the case of the mill, that new life will mean conversion to apartments and commercial space. but it took a tax from maryland to bring in a developer. >> if you're able to do a project of this size, that otherwise never would have been able to be accomplished. >> reporter: according to analysis, for every dollar invested by the state, $8.5 is generated in economic output. since 1996, they have had output. >> there is still a long tale of unemployment and joblessness out there. >> reporter: to spur those jobs, governor o'malley wants
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the heritage tax credit increased from $500 million a year to $50 million. and those incentives are designed to create more incentives. >> reporter: in the case of union mill, all 54 new apartments will be rented to new teachers, willing to work in baltimore. >> if we can offer them great places to live in interesting neighborhoods, at low rates, then we have a leg up on many other big cities. >> reporter: a leg up, placed firmly on old shoulders, still strong enough to stand firm and deliver with a little help. alex demetrick, week eyewitness news. -- wjz eyewitness news. >> and the union mill project is due for completion next year. this goes before the state legislature next week. >> all right. here's bob with our weather. and a chilly night tonight. over the next several days, deferly put the extra -- definitely put the extra layers on, hats, gloves. temperatures in the mid20s. 25. dew point down to 11.
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that means some spots may get down into the low teens tonight. probably. west winds at 14. making you feel cold. barometer on the way back up. come back and take a look at the chilly temperatures after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chilly night, bob. >> it was sunny, dry. a little breezy as it's cold. there is one good thing about these temperatures. you see, when it gets up to normal, 40, 41. it's going to feel pretty mild. believe it or not. that way, look at temps. they are at 25 now. but even colder out to the west. 19 in cumberland, last report. only 9 above zero in oakland. likely to get maybe down to zero tonight, with wind chills even colder than that. 27, d.c. 26 in ocean city. currently around the baltimore metro. 22, westminster. 28, annapolis, rock hall. and kent island. winds, however, they're causing some problems because the winds blowing on your skin. take heat away from your body. andure your body responds with a wind chill around 13 degrees, the way your skin responds to these temperatures. 2 below zero in oakland.
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6 in cumberland. we'll be dealing with these throughout the evening. into tomorrow. generally in the low to midteens over the next 24 hours around here. lake-effect stuff. and they have a few going on across kent connect. this really not impacting us. might see a few clouds. our storm, which really wasn't that much of a system. it really weakened as it moved across the mountains last night. still causing snow around boston and foxboro. and cape cod. we officially had 1.7 inches at bwi marshall. , high pressure, cold conditions over the entire eastern half of the united states. and that would be with us all weekend long. the breeze would eventually die down late tomorrow night and sunday. lots of sunshine around here. and temperatures, 20s to the low 30s is about as warm as we'll get. on the bay tomorrow, winds can gust in the afternoons, highs as high as 25 knots or so. small craft advisory through sunday afternoon.
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tonight, then, it's going to be cold. upper teens. some areas low to midteens. 19, officially at bwi, with clear to partly cloudy skies. a lot of sun. breezy. once again, no skating. that water and ice has to be at least 4 to six inches thick. >> just go to the rink. inside. >> has not been cold enough long enough. still ahead. model murder. a gruesome case after a beautiful young woman is killed. her body set on fire in a dumpster. president obama calling for more full body scanners at airports across the nation. bwi already has four of them. but are you comfortable going through one? i'm mary bubala, that story just ahead. winter blast. record snow. record cold temperatures across much of the nation. what's next?
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this is mark viviano. it's a play-off weekend for the ravens. i'll have an injury upon quarterback joe flacco coming up. and the winning color in college football is crimson. i'll have the latest when eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is just before 6:30. 25 degrees and clear. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here's some of the stories people are talking about tonight. maryland and much of the nation remains locked in the deep freeze from ohio to boston to baltimore, to florida. it's either snow, brutal cold, temperatures or both. wjz has first warning weather coverage, being with cynthia bowers who reports for wjz from chicago. >> reporter: on a snow slicked interstate in southwest ohio, four people died when a tanker truck jackknifed into oncoming traffic, hitting a bus, carrying disabled persons. some in wheelchairs. >> it was one of the most serious ones i've seen in 35 years. it's a bad accident. >> reporter: and throughout the midwest, the snow totals are piling up. >> reporter: 35 inches have fallen in des moines iowa already, just a half inch off their average for the entire
6:30 pm
season. 25 and a half in minneapolis, minnesota so far. and winter is just under way. >> how does this winter stack up? compared to normal? >> we're way above it. >> here in chicago, we're 20 inches have already fallen on the roads. they're cutting snow removal costs by going high-tech. >> to my left is the gps. the greens and yellows are the trucks. >> city officials track 275 snow plows. it makes up half of the 17 million snow budget. >> my plan for the worst. then i'm covering myself. if i don't plan for the worst, it comes at me, i'm in trouble. >> cynthia bowers, cbs news, chicago. and first warning weather coverage continues with bob turk in the weather center. bob? >> we've had the same amount of snow in minneapolis. take a look, if you will, at the national temperatures. you think it's cold? look at this.
6:31 pm
minneapolis at 3. bismarck, 18 below zero. l.a. at 79. but even your northern florida, believe it or not, they may see some snow across north central florida tomorrow yes. hasn't happened in like 100 years. could happen tomorrow, as the cold air continues to flow from canada, all the way down on the east coast because the jet stream is so far south. they had some in there. and that could extend into north central florida for a few hours tomorrow. extremely unusual for those folks. for us, cold but dry weekend. >> thank you, bob. wjz 13 is always on. for updates on the forecast, live doppler radar, information on closings and delays, log onto >> president obama is calling for ramped up security at airports across the nation. and the world, including the increase of full body scanners. but are passengers ready for
6:32 pm
that kind of exposure? mary is here with the answers for us tonight. >> if you pass through bwi thurgood marshall, there is a growing chance you won't have a choice if you want to get on a plane. bwi has four body scanners spread out in term will -- terminals. >> reporter: a the bwi marshall, a second screening has been under way for two years. you see this man walking through a standard metal detector. but then he walks through a full body scanner. it captures an intimate image, viewed in a remote location. it is this kind of image president obama is pushing for. because it likely would have stopped umar farouq abdulmutallab in his tracks. the nigerian is accused of hiding comploasessiveses in -- explosives in his underwear. a poster at bwi each displays underwear.
6:33 pm
>> i think the question is, does it violate your privacy? i'll be curious to see how it works out the first time. >> i wouldn't feel comfortable doing it. yeah, i think it's just strange. >> reporter: another security measure president obama is backing. hundreds of police officers across the nation, being trained as federal air marshals. >> but that's a security improvement we as passengers won't notice. federal air marshals dress, just like passengers. except they're armed and trained to look for terrorist threats. >> any measures that help protect the traveling public, i think, are very warranted, especially in a time of very elevated security precautions. >> the extra air marshals will add to the more than 4,000 already in the systems. kai, back to you. >> president obama also wants to expand the number of people on watch lists, including the no-fly list. an annapolis man is in custody tonight, facing serious
6:34 pm
charges for a bizarre crime. daniel brooke hart is charged with -- burkehard is charged with running down a man with his car. he allegedly drove four blocks with the victim clinging to the hood. his car was taken in shortly after and he was taken into custody. a new program to help with the safety of seniors. it is called program life saver and was meant to track autistic children who get lost. the technology is helping police keep track of older people as well. >> reporter: louise resnick was her husband's caretaker. andy suffered from alzheimer's, and pass the away at -- passed away at age 86. >> it breaks your heart when you see them going downhill. >> reporter: one night he left the house, unbeimowns to -- unbeknownst to louise. luckily, a police officer found him, half a mile away. >> that was scary.
6:35 pm
here i am, thinking he was upstairs in bed, sleeping. it was awful. >> reporter: howard county police say they wander off all too often. so they hope this will cut down on their search time. >> someone, especially elderly, being out in frigidly cold temperatures that we have, obviously time is of the essence. >> seniors would wear this wristband. and when police are alerted, an 10 tena will pick up their signal. >> reporter: the antenna has a one-mile radius. but put it in a helicopter and it can scan five miles around. >> the program has focused on autistic children. pu but now has focused on seniors with a brain disorder. louise frequents the senior center. and many know how hard it is to take care of loved ones. >> even if you're standing beside them, pretty soon, they
6:36 pm
look around and they're not there. >> reporter: and she wishes project life saver was around for her husband. >> peace of mind. i'd know where he is. that's important. >> in howard county, andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> the program is free for the first year. and then about $75 a year after that. if you're interested, log onto metro's board of directors is posing a fare hike to make up for a $40 million budget gap. they are proposing an increase of up to 10% for every train and bus ride. the board is also considering cost saving measures such at service cuts. a final decision will be made later this month. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. how much mayor sheila dixon will receive from the pension payout she negotiated in her plea deal. a look at this year's balance. meet ravens fans who etched their passion for the team into
6:37 pm
their skin. for all of these stories ask a whole lot more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast. in tonight's healthwatch report, in this winter season, it is tough to avoid the coughing and sneezing. but there are some foods and drinks that can help you boost your immunity. janet choi reports on the ones that give you a fighting chance. >> alana i'veer is -- saver is all bundled up to keep the cold out. and germs at bay. >> i have three children and i work and i travel. there's not a lot of time for my own down time if i get sick or if i'm tired. >> reporter: keeping those bugs away is easier said than done, especially in the winter months. alana is seeing nutritionist carrie glassman to help her eat better. this day, she got some tips on how to boost her immune system. all it needs is a trip to the grocery store. >> foods can absolutely boost
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your energy. make you feel better. improve your energy. >> vitamin c will help increase white cells in your body to improve. foots -- pood -- foods like blueberries can help fight free radicals. >> free radicals are the bad guys roaming in your blood stream that can lead to cancer and other problems. >> if you come down with a cold, pick up garlic and mushroom. they can act as a decongestant. >> some herbs and spices can actually help pep up your immune system. >> i'm trying to add more spices to food, like basil and some time. >> this -- thyme. >> this working mom doesn't have time to be sick. so she does what she can to stay healthy. it is estimated that the common cold cost the economy
6:39 pm
more than $7 billion a year. still ahead on eyewitness news. caught on tape, you won't believe what armed bandit dos inside -- do inside a busy business. deadly shooting. more on a possible motive for this attack. bob turk in the first warning weather center. a cold but dry weekend headed our way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. wjz is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for instant updates on all the day's news, and updated forecast, log onto want big pants? (announcer) lose three times more weight with dexatrim max complex 7. it blocks hunger and 80% of your weight loss will be fat loss. dexatrim. this is weight loss
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host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: does charlie daniels play a mean fiddle? ♪ fiddle music charlie:
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to. police in miami are investigating the grew am -- gruesome murder of a woman. her boyfriend said that the two argued at a club and that was last see-saw -- he saw her. authorities believe she may have been strangled first. her mother cannot imagine the pain her daughter experienced. >> she was watching her killer strangle her. you know, eyes to eyes. she was so beautiful. and now she's dead. >> reporter: relatives of the
6:43 pm
model have said sleduski and her boyfriend had a volatile relationship. an explosion at an indiana steel plant kills one worker and injures four others. it happened at the beta steal corporation. the workers were checking a leak. a similar explosion occurred at the same plant last november, injuring eight people. police in st. louis have confirmed a gunman that entered a manufacturing plent took his own life. they say 51-year-old timothy hendron also injured five others. two remain in critical condition. no motive was named. but a lawsuit over pension benefits was set to begin on tuesday. a brazen robbery, just steps away from a police station in california is caught on tape. surveillance video shows three armed suspects, entering an insurance company on wednesday. in just three minutes, the thieves robbed at least 30 people. and it all happened down the road from police headquarters.
6:44 pm
no one was hurt. and police are now searching for those suspects. a combined rescue effort from the u.s. coast guard and the navy saves the life of a sailor off the north carolina coast. dennis clemebbens -- clemens was sale -- sailing. a second storm saturday capsized his vessel and sent clemens into the ocean. luckily, the coast guard and the navy saw his distress beacon and swooped in to rescue him. why you carry that important equipment with you. >> it's very important. it is. katie couric has more on what is coming up tonight. water, water isn't everywhere for 2 billion people around the world. tonight, our special series, where america stands, continues with a look at the gas between our growing demand and shrinking water supply. only on the cbs evening news. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street.
6:45 pm
we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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cold air is settling in.
6:48 pm
live look right now. will the weekend be bearable even? wjz is live with first warning weather complete coverage. meteorologist tim williams is in the outback, with the five- day forecast. but first, bob has a closer look at what we can expect tomorrow. >> torm will be just as cold as today, but a lot of sunshine. take a look at the forecast. starts off cold. generally in the teens. some areas even midteens or low teens. with sunshine for the most part, only getting up into the mid- to upper 20s by saturday afternoon. and once again in the teens on saturday night. tim has a look at the five-day forecast. talk about tomorrow. let's talk about the rest of the five-day. we're looking at temperatures staying well below our average for the entire five-day period. only going up to 32 on sunday. 36 on monday. 38 on tuesday. and we'll get close to the average of 41 by wednesday. and those overnight lows going to the teens. we certainly need the energy savers. talking about fireplaces.
6:49 pm
this evening. looking at keeping the flue damper closed. make sure the seal on the fireplace damper is as snug as possible. and install tempered glass doors. of course, for more information on how you can be an energy saver, go to, click on our special section on the home page. back inside. >> thank you, tim. >> thank you, tim. still to come tonight on eyewitness news tonight. how did the ravens feel as they get close to the kickoff in the play-offs? >> anxio,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
when mark viviano writes his book, he's going to include a chapter on what it's like to fly with the team to the play- offs. what's the atmosphere, what they eat, what they do. >> a little nervous for these guys. >> there's intrigue leadingun to it as well. two days before that play-off showdown in new england. patriots' receiver randy moss did not practice today. but the team says his absence is noninjury related. moss has been seen limping this week, with his knees wrapped in ice packs. owings mills today, ravens qb joe flacco continues to nurse a sore hip. the team says flacco participated fully in the workout.
6:53 pm
flacco listed as probable. the ravens now focused on new england. >> we're excited about the opportunity to go play a play- off game against the team with the tradition they have. we have a lot of respect for this team, a lot of respect for the coach's organization, players, the whole thing. so it's an opportunity that we're very excited about. >> think the coach isn't ready? they put his defensive pass to the end. here's the good news. they didn't let him sack joe flacco. so offensive line is doing all right. coach will stay on the sidelines when the game starts sunday. see it here. coverage kicks off at 1:00. ravens trying to beat the patriots for the first time. the man who brought the ravens to baltimore is denied once again in the voting for the pro football hall of fame. art modell is not one of the 17 semifinalists today. it marks the 7th time model has
6:54 pm
failed to get the required points. coaching news, the seattle hawks have fired jim mora jr., after one year on the job. it's reported that university of southern california coach, pete carroll is the top candidate to replace mora. at the rose bowl, the final college game of the year, alabama and texas in the bcs title game. colt mccoy knocked out in the game in the first quarter. takes his shot to the right shoulder on the tackle. sends mccoy to the sidelines, never to return. freshman attempted a shovel pass. alabama up 24-6 at half. texas kept fighting. but the crimson tide kept if it in. this one, a t.d. run. banner beats texas. takes a bcs title, 37-21, putting a cap on a perfect 13-0 season. we had our minds set on
6:55 pm
going undefeated. and winning the national championship. and just the fact that we went out there and accomplished that. and worked hard every single day. and we had a common goal. and the common goal we wanted to accomplish was real sweet that we're here. and we took advantage of the story. >> alabama now recognizes the national champ. before they hoisted the trophy, they hoisted the gatorade bucket. for a celebratory splash. a dramatic and thorough dousing. saban won the title six years ago. finally, the 8th race at laurel. good finish cut the rail. a frop 45-1 long shot. getting chased by sin and the city. cut the corner. riding the rail to victory. cash in that long shot ticket. a $2 bet will pay you about $90 at laurel today. >> frisky pony. >> that will take you to dinner tonight. >> why not? >> thank you. >> not at his level. >> oh, please.
6:56 pm
>> he goes a long way. >> i'm cheap. >> all right. we'll be right back. ,,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
that's it for tonight,
6:59 pm
>> couric: tonight, the alleged christmas day terrorist makes his first appearance in an american courtroom. and cbs news learns he's told investigators there are 20 more like him still out there. i'm katie couric. also tonight, abdulmutallab never made it to any terror watch list. we'll show you what it takes to get on one and kept off a plane. where america stands on a growing shortage of water. we use more than any other country on earth, but our supply is drying up. and it's 10:00 p.m.-- do you know kwr where jay leno is? >> what does nbc stand for? "never believe your contract." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. he's been at the center of the news since christmas day and today the man who allegedly tried to blow an


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